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Just a couple of hours ago, I thought of an idea regarding this blog. I was skeptical at first but I realized, “Why not give it a try?”. I won’t lose anything from it anyway aside from dignity and self-esteem. So here goes nothing.

I thought of writing short stories from a song of any genre. Do you know what I mean? I will be studying a song and what I think its meaning is and turn it into a short story! Since I love listening to music AND writing stuff, I thought of combining them into one piece of art. Well I am not saying that this is an original idea and if ever someone else thought of this, you are awesome but I thought of this myself so you can’t really say that I copied you or whatever. Just to be clear. I’m not sure about this yet but I think I will give it a shot. If ever SOMEONE read this is interested, I’d be the happiest if you let me know. (I’m not saying that I am good in writing though, don’t let your hopes up) Just comment a song request or whatever. You are old enough to know what to do. So yeah. Until the next post..